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Lucy Corry
Photo Credit: (c) Carolyn Robertson

Lucy Corry is an award-winning New Zealand writer who loves to cook, eat, read and think about food.
Her work has featured in Canvas, Sunday, Your Weekend, Frankie, Cuisine, NZ Life & Leisure, Nadia Journal and Gourmet Traveller, nzherald.co.nz, Stuff.co.nz and radionz.co.nz.
In 2019 she was named Food Communicator of the Year and Best Opinion Writer at the inaugural New Zealand Food Media Awards.
She is the current President of Food Writers NZ and in recent years has co-authored the Ockham award winning Hiakai:Modern Maori Cuisine and written the much-loved Burger Wellington cookbook.
Lucy lives in central Wellington with her husband and daughter and Cosmo the dog, who destroys all her vegetable-growing efforts on a regular basis.

Books by Lucy Corry


Everyday recipes for every New Zealand season and every occasion, this is real food for how we really live - our ingredients, our seasons and our way of life.

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Jenny’s famous butterflied barbecue lamb

This recipe, from my wonderful sister-in-law Jenny Corry, is world famous in my family. Stick rigidly to the instructions to end up with perfectly cooked lamb. The varying thickness of the joint means that some bits will be well done while others are delectably pink.

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