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About the book
  • Published: 5 October 2005
  • ISBN: 9780143318361
  • Imprint: Puffin
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 180
  • RRP: $21.00

The Priests of Ferris: The O Trilogy Volume 2

The gripping second volume of Maurice Gee's classic fantasy trilogy

In the second volume of Maurice Gee’s acclaimed O Trilogy, Susan must stop terrible things being done in her name...
Face the High Priest. Face him alone. That was why she was back on O. To end the religion grown up in her name.
Susan Ferris and her cousin Nick return to the world of O, which they had saved from the evil Halfmen, only to discover that a hundred years have passed and O is now ruled by cruel and ruthless priests.

Susan is inspired by the dreams and prophecies related to her to face the most dreadful dangers and free the inhabitants of O.

Also available as an eBook

  • Pub date: 5 October 2005
  • ISBN: 9780143318361
  • Imprint: Puffin
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 180
  • RRP: $21.00

About the Author

Maurice Gee

Maurice Gee has long been considered one of New Zealand's finest writers. He has written more than thirty books for adults and young adults and has won numerous literary awards, including the UK's James Tait Black Memorial Prize for fiction, the Wattie Award, the Deutz Medal for Fiction, the New Zealand Fiction Award and the New Zealand Children's Book of the Year Award. In 2003 he received an inaugural New Zealand Icon Award and in 2004 he received a Prime Minister's Award for Literary Achievement. Maurice Gee's novels include The Plumb Trilogy, Going West, Prowlers, Live Bodies and The Scornful Moon. He has also written a number of much-loved children's novels, including Under the Mountain, The O Trilogy and The Salt Trilogy. Maurice lives in Nelson, in New Zealand's South Island, with his wife Margareta, and has two daughters and a son.

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Praise for The Priests of Ferris: The O Trilogy Volume 2

“Maurice Gee's story is a sequel to The Halfmen of O and has all the fast pace and gripping invention of its forerunner. ...Susan and her allies are set the daunting, blood-strewn task of turning that system around and restoring the truth, banishing fear. All fantasy readers will relish this one.”

David Bennett, Books for Keeps

“This was a worthy sequel to The Halfmen of O and another dose of strong epic fantasy. What I like about Maurice Gee's writing for children is that he doesn't shy away from or sugarcoat the violence and horror of an oppressive regime. And his fantasy world is beautifully evocative of his native New Zealand.”

Emkoshka, Good Reads

“Expertly crafted.”

Meg, Good Reads

“I think Gee’s politics are pretty sound. I know my worldview is still essentially the same as when I first encountered O: the balance of humanity is of out of whack, government is corrupt, our greatest evils are enacted in the name of faith. Maybe we do just need to wipe the slate clean and start again? For that’s pretty much the solution Gee proposes for humanity.”

Megan Dunn, The Sapling

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